Monday, May 15, 2023 – Book Promotion Day

Monday, May 15, 2023 – Book Promotion Day

Today is Book Promotion Day. In addition to promoting my book, I want to promote Life’s a Trip by Tarvah McGinty. I promote  hers not only because Tarvah is my friend, and I too grew up in Magnolia, Texas, I know many of the stories she tells.

The full title is Life’s a Trip! Watch for God’s Lessons along the Way. I like the direction she gives in the title – WATCH for God’s lessons along the way. She tells her story along the way life as she was growing up in the tiny town of Magnolia, Texas.

Unlike mine, which is to make readers laugh, hers is written to make people realize that it is the journey not the destination that is important. And more importantly, if God is NOT on that journey with you, it really isn’t much of a journey. If God is on that journey with you, you already know the destination.

This is a book that is filled with stories that evoke laughter, sadness, tragedy, fun, family, friends and love and faith. At the end of each story is a Bible verse, may two. The story and the Bible verse are so closely tied together.

It is a wonderful book to remind us to Watch for God’s lessons along the way. Did I forget to mention there are photos? It is truly a beautiful book how one’s faith must be the guide for the journey.

As for me and my book…

Fire extinguisher not included – Read LoRaine Burns.

Both books available on Amazon.

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