Friday, February 24, 2023


The last post was 14 months ago – December 2021. So what have I been doing since that time? I think I have repressed much of that time frame.

From January 1 (and months before) until August 30, I did a great deal of sitting. Sitting because it hurt to walk because my hip finally wore out. So on August 30, 2022, I had hip replacement surgery. I absolutely detest getting old. Golden Years, my now scarred butt! Body parts do not work as they once did. But thanks to a wonderful orthopedist (Aggie football, Class of ’99), a group of personal trainers and therapists, and unbelievable help from family, friends and neighbors, I healed very fast. I used a walker for about a week. Now it makes a great clothes hanger. I walked with a cane for about three weeks. I named the cane Sugar. I started to name it Citizen, but figured no one would get it. I stopped using the cane when I hit myself in the mouth with it and busted my lip. I took that as a sign. If February had 30 days, it would be my sixth month anniversary.

That fall college football began. Georgia again won the National Championship and Texas A&M finished last behind Vanderbilt in the SEC.  How much is the buyout?

Women’s basketball season began a new coaching era with former Georgia women’s basketball coach, Joni Taylor replacing Gary Blair. I have no idea how I was selected, but on a Monday, I received an email asking if I would be home on the following Thursday because my season basketball tickets would be delivered to my house by a member of the team. Sure enough Coach Joni Taylor shows up at my front door!!

I did not know who it was. When I asked and she said, “I’m Coach Taylor,” I jumped and screamed and hollered and danced like an idiot, making a wonderful impression, I’m sure. Again, I don’t how it came to be, but I doubt my annual $112 donation had anything to do with it. However, it will be my NIL photo.

It was not a good season for the Ladies. Lot’s of energy, lots of injuries, but lots of hope and lots of potential. When you only have seven players available for nine games and three of those are freshman, it is hard to beat an intramural team. But on the men’s side  – Bring It ‘Bama!!! The lack of football created a basketball frenzy on campus.

What else? Oh I wrote a book for my family. I wrote about family, friends and life called My Stories – You’re’sToo! I think they enjoyed it.

But then I wrote another book. This is a book of short stories called They’re Not Crazy – They’re Southern. I am hoping for a May release on Amazon.

Speaking of writing books, if you are an animal lover and especially if you love yorkies, please consider purchasing The Yorkie Who Sings at Midnight by my Sweet Potato Queen Friend, Janne Swearengen. From the back of the book “If you’ve ever given your heart to any animal, especially a rescued animal, this book will speak to you.” It will speak volumes. Make a difference and buy the book!!

That’s all for now. It is the first Friday of Lent so I must find something to eat that did not previously walk on legs on the ground. Gig ‘Em!


  1. Loved it and excited that you are back!


  2. Nice to have yyou back in action with your words and humor. Thanks also for the book plug!!


  3. SO HAPPY to have you back where you belong!! So is Big Solid!! other possible Cane names could be ‘Raisin’, Cane of My Existence’, ‘Hurri’, ‘Nova’ ‘Coke’…to name a few.


  4. Cane names are great! I really like Cane of My Existence.

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