Friday, December 3, 2021 – Title Snark

Friday, December 3, 2021 – Title Snark

It’s title time. Time to start the orders for the big rings for the winners and a thank you for playing to the rest.

Starting tonight with Conference USA – Western KY and UTSA tonight on CBSSN. This is the best UT team in Texas.

Playing for the Big 12 Title with an early morning kickoff we have Baylor and Oklahoma State at 11:00 on ABC. Since there are so many Baylor alum in the family and only one Oklahoma State alum in the family, I’m supporting the OSU alum and going with the Cowboys.

Maybe the Best in the Big 12

For one of the Top Four spots  in the Big Playoff in the SEC- Alabama and Georgia at 3:00 on CBS – This is going to ugly with a capital U and I’m not talking about Gary Danielson calling the play. Get out the damnit doll. UGA could swim the Tide.

From the American League and soon to be a part of The Big 12 we have Houston and Cincinnati at 3:00 on ABC. This could be good. I do not care for undefeated teams and besides, I think Dana Holgorsen is cute and Shasta is a beautiful mascot.

In the Big Ten Michigan and Iowa kick off at 7:00 on FOX. Wolverines and Hawks and the only reason I care is because Iowa is mentioned as an opponent for the Aggies.

Titles will be decided and next week bowl invitations will be issued.

That’s it. Merry Snarkness to All and to all a Gig ‘Em Aggies!

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  1. Delia, this is Kathy. Would you look at all the emails I sent you please? I have a question that needs answered!


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