October 29, 2021 – Spooky College Football Snark. Week Eight

October 29, 2021 – Spooky College Football Snark. Week Eight

For my Halloween Costume, Snarky has chosen to wear something really frightening. It’s a 2022 Georgia National Football Championship Shirt!

Maybe not. The Aggies have a Bye Week, so I’ll probably just wear jeans and a T-shirt like this one.

I am not a good bible scholar, but I think Romans 1:16 says “Just a little more to the right and through the upright, Lord.”

Let us see who is playing on this Halloween Saturday.

Two goodies in the morning.

Baylor and Texas at 11:00 on ABC

In the Battle For I-35  Congestion we have the Baylor Bears visiting the Bad News Bears, formerly known as THE University of Texas Longhorns. The thing is one never knows what to expect between these two. I wonder when was the last time that Baylor visited Austin ranked and Texas was not? Sic ‘Em!!

Michigan and Michigan State 11:00 Fox.

First time these two have been in the top ten since 1964. Sparky and Biff could be a good one. But I heard it through the grape vine that Jeramiah was a Bullfrog, and this game could bring The Big Chill. Perhaps a game of tag football at half-time?  Just remember, You can’t always get what you wanted; you get what you need. But Ain’t to Proud to Beg.

The afternoon games include:

Vanderbilt and Missouri on SECN at 2:00

Put this on your device’s screen at the top of the two-o’clock  hour. This should be a battle Royal for last place overall in the SEC.

Texas Tech and Oklahoma at 2:30 on ABC

Probably going to be as exciting as Vanderbilt and Missouri. Tech having some issues.

Georgia and Florida at 2:30 on CBS

Everybody wants to watch and simulate the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Georgia is on everybody’s mind! Not as exciting as in previous years, but a rivalry is a rivalry. Besides, it is always fun to see a team from Florida get beat.

In the evening…

Kentucky and Mississippi State on SECN at 6:00

Is Mike Leach’s Halloween costume a pirate? Arrrh!

Ole Miss and Auburn at 6:00 on ESPN

A Halloween Treat. War Eagle! Aubie Up!


Next Week BTHO Auburn. Aubie Down!

Let’s Go Astros!

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