Monday, December 21, 2020 – Robbery in College Station

Monday, December 21, 2020 – Robbery in College Station

Bonnie and Clyde could not have robbed the Aggies any better than the College Football Playoff Committee did.

Ohio State? Six Games? I hope Clemson beats the stuffings out of you and that all of the players and coaches have jock itch until Easter!

Notre Dame? Your schedule included Wake Forest and Georgia Tech! The Two top 20 teams you beat were Clemson (which you had to go to double OT – even with the Clemson back-up QB) and North Carolina. I hope the Alabama Crimson Tide rolls over the team, the Leprechaun, Brian Kelley, the Gipper, the Four Horseman, Knute Rockne, Ronald Reagan (when he was an actor, not a POTUS), the Victory March and any other of your traditions. I want Bama stomp you like an elephant and that Alabama and Nick Saban score so many points it becomes unsportsmanlike and three digits won’t fit on the scoreboard! ROLL TIDE!

Kirk Herbstreit? If I ever see you in Bryan or College Station, I will kick your biased butt from College Station to Hearne and back. And there will be 12 others waiting to do it again. You did not even give Texas A&M a comment! One would think you used to play for The Ohio State University! I hope you have an uncurable strain of jock itch!

BTHO North Carolina

One response to “Monday, December 21, 2020 – Robbery in College Station

  1. Now, Now I, too , am pissed at the poor decision made be the “committee”. It was robbery pure and simple. Try to remember it is just a game lol. In my old age I have become quite the Aggie fan except when LSU is involved. Who I am really pissed for are the Chanticleers 11-0 and they and Liberty. Should be a great game anyway.


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