Friday, December 11, 2020 – Snarky Friday aka – The Vaccine Cannot Come Soon Enough

Friday, December 11, 2020 – Snarky Friday aka – The Vaccine Cannot Come Soon Enough

This week’s SNARK goes totally to the COVID-19 Virus. Over 118 NCAA DI college football games have been cancelled this year. I am not going to waste time and energy trying to find who is not playing this weekend. I know the Texas Aggies are not playing due to Ole Miss COVID-19.

You can start your morning with a heavy side of bacon when Alabama rolls over Arkansas at 11:00 on ESPN.

There is Baylor and Oklahoma State on ESPN at 2:30. A game strictly to be played for pride and recruiting. Wait! If the Cowboys win, they go to Big 12 Playoff! Doesn’t matter. The Big 12 Championship Trophy does not reside in a trophy case in a Texas Institution of Higher Education!

If there is interest, Tennessee and Vanderbilt play on the SEC Network at 3:00. See how hot the coaching seat gets for Pruitt!

During the evening on ESPN there is LSU and Florida at 6:00. It will be a long ride from the swamp back to the bayou. Kyle pads his Heisman stats.

Auburn goes to Starkville to Mississippi State on the SEC Network at 6:30. Let the cow bells ring!

BIG SNARK to the Big 10 – Change the rules from six to five so Ohio State can play. Let’s have a big cheer for Northwestern in next week’s (hopefully) Big 10 Championship. Go You, Northwestern!

Because there is little football of interest, I have noted a few other “sports” that I have found while channel surfing. Perhaps these can fill your need for sports, especially football.

Of course there is the ever popular game at tailgates (remember tailgating?) of cornhole. Participants throw bean bags into a hole on a tilted wooden slab. Yes, there is actually a National Championship in this so called sport with a take-home prize of $20,000.

Then there is frisbee golf. This is where participants toss a plate looking disc through trees toward a metal structure. The 10 minutes I watched noted there was a prize of $20,000 for the winner. I do think frisbee golf is a great game. It is one where you can drink and smoke and still toss the disc.

There is log-rolling. I was unaware that it had become a middle school sport. I wonder why we didn’t do this at Stephen F. Austin. We are the Lumberjacks!


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