Monday, November 30, 2020 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

Monday, November 30, 2020 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

Of course the first award is the Susan B. Anthony and Bela Abzug Kicks Like a Girl Award and it goes to Vanderbilt and Sarah Fuller – first woman to kick in a Power 5 Conference football game.  Ms. Fuller, of the Vanderbilt soccer team, kicked off to start the Third Quarter in the Vandy/ Missouri game. Many were disappointed that it was a perfectly placed kick with no return as opposed to a power kick with possible return. If you follow the Vandy team, you know that they tackle like grandmas (score was 41 – 0.) so a placement kick was warranted. Perhaps Sarah can play other positions. And maybe Vandy could bring in some of the big girls from basketball.

I award The University of Texas the Nursery Rhyme Award for

Oh dear what can the matter be

Oh dear what can the matter be

Oh dear what can the matter be

BEVO is only just fair.

Texas comes up short, again!

This guy dragged yours up and down the alley.  I am giving THE University of Texas The Righteous Brothers Award because the Texas Exes are singing this to the coaches:

You’ve lost that loving feeling,

whoho that loving feeling,

Now it’s gone, gone, gone wohohohoho Yeah

Coach Herman. Nashville is a lovely city. Check Vanderbilt’s coaching needs.

Baylor, wearing all school bus yellow, kicked a last second field to break their loosing streak and win over K-State. 32 to 31. Sic ‘Em Bears! Let’s give the Bears the Donovan Award and call them Mellow Yellow Baylor.

I am giving Mississippi State and Mike Leach a Good Try Certificate. When receivers can catch, it really makes a difference.  To Kiffie and Ole Miss I give the Dan Quale Award for the Potatoe Bowl victory of 24 to 31.

In the Iron Bow, the Tide went Sabanless but it really did not matter. Nevertheless the award for Best Substitute Coaches goes the Alabama coaching staff. Auburn 13 Alabama 42.

To Kellen Mond and the Aggie Offense I award The Oil Can Award. You looked as rusty as the Tin Man. Auburn and Gus left Tuscaloosa very unhappy. So grease it up Aggies and grease up early because the game is the dreaded hour of 11:00 in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Coach O? You receive the Rainy Night in Kyle Field Award. It poured a steady rain, sometimes heavy rain throughout the Aggie/LSU game. While all of the other coaches were in rain gear, from top to bottom, Coach O wore his khaki pants and purple polo. Rain don’t bother a real Cajun!

The Non-Participant Award goes to Ohio State and Illinois for their canceled due to COVID contest.  Is there a possible forthcoming rule change? You don’t really have to play, let alone win six games, we’ll just add you because you are Ohio State?


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