Friday, November 27, 2020 – Black Snarky Friday

Friday, November 27, 2020 – Black Snarky Friday

One of my friend’s husband asked what is “Black Friday?” She told him it was the day the husband gave their wife the credit card and said, “Have fun Honey!”

Like Black Friday bargains, we must begin an early snark because there are early football games on Friday. And it is Rivalry Week.

We can start the football black Friday with THE University of Texas still in search of a quality Thanksgiving rivalry playing Iowa State on ABC at 11:00.  Had only Justin Tucker’s kick not been good, the Aggies might still be around.  Oh well, the Aggies are number Five you’re not.  

Nebraska and Iowa in The Corn Bowl at 12 on Fox. Unless you attended either of these institutions, you really do not care.

Playing for the Platypus Trophy we find Oregon and Oregon State at 4:30 ESPN – Ducks and Beavers in ugly iridescent uniforms.  

Saturday at 11:00 in the morning, as of this writing time, we have Number Four Ohio State bringing their whopping four games played against Illinois State on FS 1. Watch out for a COVID cancel.

At 11:00 on ESPN we have Kentucky and Florida. Wildcats get beaten up for a second week in a row. Meanwhile, Kyle Trask just might replace Tim Tebow as Florida’s favorite Heisman winner.

We also have Texas Tech and Oklahoma State on FOX at 11:00.  Yawn.

What the morning may lack, the afternoon firmly makes up for.  It starts with the Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama at 2:30 CBS. CBS? Not Gary Daniels’ mouth! But as anyone familiar with football knows, it is better to have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother who graduated from Auburn. Wishing Nick a speedy recovery. So let’s yell! WHEN I SAY ‘TUSCA’, THEN YOU SAY ‘LOOSA’ When I say Nick, then you say Saban!  Roll Tide!

Grab the remote to not only mute Gary Daniels, but Notre Dame and North Carolina kickoff at 2:30 on ABC.  Bless Me, Father for I have sinned, and I really want North Carolina to win. Come on, Irish, you come dragging your asparagus pee colored helmets and pants, into the Number Two spot after playing who? Duke? South Florida? Georgia Tech?

In the state of Mississippi the Egg Bowl between Mississippi State and Ole Miss on the SEC Network at 3:00 might hold interest. Beat Ole Miss, Mike and you can be a pirate.

For those who graduated from either of these and have nothing better to watch there is Baylor and Kansas-State at 6:00 on ESPN 2.

But at 6:00 on ESPN from beautiful, limited ticketed stadium seating Kyle Field, the Tigers from LSU take on the Number Five ranking fighting Texas Aggies. Here is a quiz for you. How many times will the announcers in the opening minutes mention the last meeting between these two teams in Kyle Field? Seven Overtimes? An immediate NCAA rule change? I understand the Tigers will be led by a Freshman QB. Dude? Welcome to the still very loud, Kyle Field. BTHO LSU!

Enjoy your turkey sandwiches. Wear Your Mask. BTHO COVID.

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