Wednesday, August 21, 2019 – Aunt Myrnie’s Pineapple Sherbert Recipe

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 – Aunt Myrnie’s Pineapple Sherbert Recipe!

It is August. It is hot! It damn hot! Therefore, I am offering my Aunt Myrnie’s Pineapple Sherbert recipe to provide a cool summertime treat. I will also update the recipe with my recommendation. Note: “sherbert” is her spelling from the original recipe. Yes, she is from the South – Louisiana to be exact, where the word is accurately articulated.

But first, a short bio about my aunt and her culinary abilities. I never recall the woman making more than a tuna fish sandwich and this sherbert in all of the 50 years I visited her in Shreveport, Louisiana. The tuna sandwich was served on a paper plate and the sherbert in little glass cups that came in oat meal and washing powder boxes. My mother always took food and/or we went out to eat.

Nevertheless, when my sister Dale and I and the rest of the family, cleaned out her house, we found two sets of  fine china; place settings for eight; sterling silver monogramed flatware, three sets of Fostoria crystal glasses, place setting for eight, (water, wine, and champagne) and place setting of four of antique, amber carnival glass plates and matching salad plates. Plus so many silver plated serving dishes I cannot remember. So who in the Hell was she entertaining? FYI – my Uncle Lynn, her husband, wore his pajamas all the time, but that is another story. Heck, maybe they had fancy dinner parties and everybody wore their pajamas.

But back to her sherbert.

Aunt Myrnie’s Pineapple Sherbert

1 can Dime Brand milk

2 cans or bottles of orangeade or orange soda water

1 small can crushed pineapple, juice and all

Stir together and freeze in two ice trays.

My update: I had to Google Dime Brand milk. It was a Borden’s milk product in the 1940 and 1950’s. Today it is Borden’s Eagle Brand. It does come in a fat-free version, but why bother? You are making a dessert.

I remember Aunt Myrnie’s was served from metal (and probably lead containing) ice trays with the dividers removed. I guess any container that freezes would do.

It really is good. But nothing gives a new twist on an old family recipe like an update. First of all: orangeade is not the orange color of Gatorade. Any orange juice drink will do.

Second of all: Add orange flavored vodka. I would probably go with 1 can of vodka replacing one of the small cans of the orangeade rather 2 bottles of vodka replacing the orange soda water. The mixture might get slushy, but that is ok. If you would like to serve it something fancy, I have place setting for eight of Fostoria crystal glasses that would be just perfect for Slushy Sherbert Sharing among your friends. Send for details.

One response to “Wednesday, August 21, 2019 – Aunt Myrnie’s Pineapple Sherbert Recipe

  1. Love this!! If you can figure out a vegan version, let me know. I used to LOVE Eagle Brand Condensed milk in my coffee!


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