Thursday, January 3, 2019 – I’m Still Mad and PETA

Thursday, January 3, 2019 – I’m Still Mad and PETA

Georgia is still on my mind. You had one thing to do. Next year you can play Notre Dame for The Let Your Fans Down Bowl. The Aggies will see you in Athens.

As soon as Bevo jumped into the crowd, the officials at The University of Texas should have begun their retort letter to PETA. You knew it was coming. PETA it seems does not like live mascots for colleges and universities. This is the same group that wanted to build a twelve foot marble monument in Bryan to the chickens killed in a truck accident on Highway 6. Here’s what I’m thinking. Unless those chickens play football, sing like Lyle Lovett or Robert Earle Keen, there is not going to be a monument to chickens other than this one.

Photo by me 2014

But back to Bevo. Bevo it seems does not like dogs. Read Pulitzer Prize winning Austin American Statesman columnist’s Ken Herman’s take on Bevo, dogs and PETA. I feel certain that PETA poked Bevo.

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