Thursday, May 24, 2018 – 10 Minutes of Training I Hope I Never Have to Use

Thursday, May 24, 2018 – 10 Minutes of Training I Hope I Never Have to Use

A big thank you to the College Station Fire Stations for offering a ten minute training that could save a person’s life.

Today they offered a “down and dirty” CPR lesson and a “stop the bleeding” lesson.

Here is Annie.

I am CPR certified and felt very comfortable doing the chest compression and applying the defibulator. I like to scream CLEAR. She looks a little pale but you should have seen her before I administered CPR.

The second half of the training was stop the bleeding. I learned how to apply a tourniquet to arms, legs and even the neck area.

There is a special wrap found in stop the bleeding kits that applies pressure to an abdominal or chest wound.

I also learned how to pack a wound. While every one called it a wound, we all know we are talking about a gunshot wound. You have to imagine blood spurting from the wound.

You can find out more and obtain stop the stop the bleeding supplies from the Red Cross and from this website.

I hope I never have to use any of the supplies or administer CPR. I hope you know to administer CPR and know how to stop the bleeding.

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