Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Out, Out Damn Recliner – Paraphrasing Lady Macbeth

Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Out, Out Damn Recliner – Paraphrasing Lady Macbeth

Thank you to those readers who missed me – all three of you. To get the rest of the readers with of the fake accounts and the bots who say they follow up to speed, let’s catch up.

For those of you who like to get to the bottom line very quickly, “The reason there have been few HWIT posts is: Once I got in the broken recliner, I did not want to get out unless I had too because my knee hurt and I could hardly walk.”

For the others: I hurt my knee about 10 days ago. I wish I could say it was when KB was timing my 60 meter dash as we were attempting to shave off three seconds to get to 19 seconds, but that is not what happened. I tripped over the recliner. All of my body parts save my right knee went over the raised footrest. That was probably the strained ligament part.

Back up to the probable sprained ligament part. I might have done this trying to get out of the recliner when the footrest got stuck in the upright and elevated position. This meant the only body part first exiting the recliner was my right knee with the other body parts rising from extremely awkward positions.

The knee was really painful. I did the RICE thing and took Ibruprofin. RICE means relax, ice, compress, elevate. The first three were easy enough to do, but “elevate” posed a problem. At least the recliner was stuck with the footrest elevated.

The compression part really helped. I hobbled to the local Walgreens and purchased a knee brace made by Mueller. I do not think it is the same Mueller in the news.

But I only have one chair and it was now broken and stuck in upright position. Note: I only have one comfortable chair by choice; it cuts down on company. There are two other chairs available, but one really belongs to Peach, my cat.

So, how did the recliner break? In actuality it was an old recliner, second maybe third hand for my ownership and it was time for it to go to Recliner Heaven.

But the RICE took care of the knee and I am moving around with no brace. I hope that means I will be thinking less that my knee hurts and writing more about other things of equal or less importance.

As for now it is Out, Out Damn Recliner.

2 responses to “Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Out, Out Damn Recliner – Paraphrasing Lady Macbeth

  1. Ouch. Glad things are improving.


  2. Jerry Tedder

    Thinking you should have been writing in bed. 🙃 But still, I am so sorry for your hurt knee. Shocked to learn of strategy to deter guests!! 😂 Get well soon!!


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