Monday, December 18, 2017 – The Revival of the Christmas Letter

Monday, December 18, 2017 – The Revival of the Christmas Letter

Years ago I began a Christmas Letter. Those who were fortunate to receive one might recall. Some who were very fortunate to receive the entire book of Christmas Letters for years 1996 through 2008 might still have their copy.

I am not sure why I discontinued doing my annual Christmas Letter. I looked over the topics during those years. They ranged from poignant holiday memories to political satire to state parodies. As with HWIT today, even back then I was an equally opportunity snark. I dished the Clintons, the Bushes, and the state of Texas, commercial Christmas, the Republicans and Democrats. The letter of 2003 marked the year the Texas Democrats left in the middle of the night and took the bus to Ardmore, Oklahoma. This caused whatever bill that was up for voting in the Texas Legislature to fail. The Holiday Inn in Ardmore even had a sign “Welcome, Texas Democrats.” It was one of the funniest political moves I have seen.

Ya’ll, come on back, now, ya hear? It is 2018.

It has been nine years since I discontinued The Annual Christmas Letter. Therefore I am reviving my annual Christmas letter. Regardless of topic or point of view a common thread ran among the topics.

The world is in crisis; the New Year brings hope and we all long for peace. O was the Christmas Letter for 2008. Oh now I remember why I discontinued.

But here’s to the 2017 Christmas Letter. Feel free to refer to it in whatever holiday is your celebration at this time.

Christmas Letter 2017

To: The World

From: The Inhabitants of The World


Please send understanding, compassion and love. And please send a big load of common sense.

Thank you.


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