Friday, December 15, 2017 – WE THE PEOPLE SAID NO!

Friday, December 15, 2017 – WE THE PEOPLE SAID NO! The Barricades Go Up!

Help me Austinites! Who was the Esther’s Follies comedian who had the “Damn it! I’m mad!” routine? The late great Kerry Awn? Would love to see what one of his routines would look like today. Wow!

Damn it! I’m mad too! There are so many reasons, but today I am going with net neutrality. This is not a bipartisan issue. When three APPOINTED people make a decision when 83% of WE, the PEOPLE said “NO,” then we no longer live in a democratic state.

New time for a web page to load under no net neutrality. Photo by me. Anchorage, Alaska 2014.

When the sycophantic leader of the FCC then dances on the graves on the freedom of speech and freedom of the press in a mocking video, we live in a a reign of tyranny with a despotic ruler. The system is broken!

Austin, Texas 2012 photo by me.

Let’s just fast forward this revolution and let Napoleon crown himself via Twitter and let the barricades go up! Note: “and the barricades go/went up” is history talk for revolutionary actions such as, protests, marches, take overs, riots, statue take downs, heads rolling (literally and figuratively), torch toting, glass breaking, and all the other methods used throughout the revolutions of history. Historically, we know that the revolution continues until a broken system changes.

Thank you Alabama voters. I hope you are the first state to lead the rest of the states back to decency, common sense, courage and country over party.

Type Amen and Share on FB, Twitter and YouTube while you still can and not pay for it!

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