Monday, March 21, 2016 – Please Excuse – One Sweet 16 Ready To Go and One Sweet 16 on the Court Tonight.

Monday, March 21, 2016 – Please Excuse – One Sweet 16 Ready To Go and One Sweet 16 on the Court Tonight.

To Whom It May Concern: Please excuse all Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks from work and school today because they lost by one point to Notre Dame. Way to go Jacks for almost another upset and for a great season. Please note: Do Not play Notre Dame on a Sunday – especially the Sunday that kicks off Holy Week.

And speaking of miracles – Please excuse all Texas Aggies from work and school and anybody who watched the most amazing comeback in NCAA men’s basketball history. How many had already changed the channel with the Texas Aggies behind by 12 points to University of Northern Iowa with 44 seconds to play? Shut up, Barkley. If the other team should have won, it would have. Remember you went to Auburn. If you went to Texas A&M you would know “I’ve seen ‘em win; I’ve seen ‘em lose, but I’ve never seen ‘em give up!”

But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone. Tonight coming to you live from Reed Arena in College Station The Fighting Texas Aggie Women will tip off against Florida State University. This is Anriel Howard. – Aka Lashes by her team mates.

Lashes 2 (800x450)

Texas Aggie #5 Anriel Howard photo by me

She is a freshman and on Saturday she set an NCAA Tournament record with 27 rebounds in a single game! She is a 5’11” forward from Atlanta, Georgia. In high school she enjoyed setting records in multiple sports not to mention being crowned homecoming queen, yearbook editor, and National Honor Society.

Check out the hair. Big Basketball Hair– Even I can see her eyelashes from my seats and I just had cataract surgery. Check out her legs. She is a two-sport athlete and will compete in the triple jump with the Aggie track team when basketball season ends. Her gait while running down the court is beautiful to watch. This young lady has it going on. Check out the fashionable shorts.

Congratulations to #5 Anriel Howard.

To the entire team: BTHO Florida State.

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