Monday, February 1, 2016 – A Connie Francis Playlist for the Iowa Caucus

Monday, February 1, 2016 – A Connie Francis Playlist for the Iowa Caucus

Connie Francis was a top chart singer of the 1950’s and early 1960’s. She is still popular in Los Vegas and still has a wonderful voice that ranges opera to her pop hits.

Do not tell me that if you were female growing up during this time period that you did not sing along into your hair brush in front of the mirror in your room to the Connie Francis’ records on your stereo or on the radio. You know you did.

I bet you did not know that Connie Francis invented spring break. It was the movie Where the Boys Are in 1961 that showed college students going to the beach to frolic in the sun. Not to be confused with the other actress in the movie Delores Hart who went into a nunnery and is a now Mother Superior. I am not certain if there is correlation to Spring Break and going into a nunnery on not.

Back to the playlist.  Here’s What I’m Thinking – These songs would make a good Iowa Caucus Playlist with songs from Connie Francis.

For Hillary Clinton I have selected – Where the boys someone waits for me!!!

If the word cupidity means an eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something, greed; avarice then for

Donald Trump and his supporters I selected:

“Stupid Cupid”

Stupid Cupid you’re a real mean guy I’d like to clip your wings so you can’t fly I’m in love and it’s a crying shame And I know that you’re the one to blame Hey hey, set me free Stupid Cupid stop picking on me

For Bernie Sanders I selected My Happiness – … Evening shadows make me blue… A million years it seems, that have gone by since we shared a dream…

I selected for Ted Cruz – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.

And for all of us – Who’s Sorry Now?

5 responses to “Monday, February 1, 2016 – A Connie Francis Playlist for the Iowa Caucus

  1. Once again, you have nailed it. Loved Connie Francis and indeed spent many an hour on my porch with that proverbial hairbrush/microphone thinking I sounded JUST LIKE HER (NOT).

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  2. Know what? it is still fun to sing Where the Boys Are into the hairbrush/microphone in front of the mirror.


  3. Love it. But now I will be singing “Connie Francis” songs the rest of the day.

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  4. Into the hairbrush in front of the mirror in the bathroom, I hope.



    OMG…that recording took me back in time! I LOVED it❤️❤️❤️

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