Thursday, December 10, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Magnolia High School 1954

Thursday, December 10, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Magnolia High School 1954

Let’s get in the Wayback Machine and go way back in time to 1954. In going through my father’s things, I found four rolls of negatives identified as “MHS Senior Trip, 1954.” I had them developed and share a few with you today.

78410012 (800x531)

Magnolia High School, Magnolia, Texas – Graduating Class of 1954 – Senior Trip

The class and their sponsors, one of whom was Mr. Duffey – aka Honeyboy, my father and another, head football Coach Swann went on the Senior Trip. My father must have been the official photographer while Coach Swann was the bus driver. I cannot recall the other two sponsors, but I am sure a few readers will be able to identify them along with members of the Magnolia Class of 1954.

78450017 (800x531)

78400015 (531x800)

In New Orleans. The alligator is probably still there.

They drove in a school bus with stops in New Orleans, on to

Mississippi 78450014

and then to Florida.

78410017 (800x531)

A quick show of hands – how many teachers/parents would like to take a group of “know it all” seniors on an unairconditioned school bus on an week long trip today?

78400011 (800x531)

Florida Frolicking – I think I see Giget and Moon Doggie.

As you look (and laugh) at the photos, look closely – they were styling for the times. They wore short shorts, cool caps, jeans rolled up over the ankles with bobby sox, cool sports coats, sunglasses that closely resemble today’s Ray-Bans, and struck some “I am pretty cool” poses. In fact, they look pretty awesome. So Happy Days to enjoy and remember.

78400021 (531x800)

How cool is this guy? James Dean had nothing on him.

78450007 (800x531)

The Ladies of the Class of 1954 showing the latest fashions of short shorts, Keds – the first leisure shoes for girls and obviously the most recent styles in ladies millinery. And sleeveless blouses! How scandalous.

78440004 (531x800)

The “throw out your hip” pose must have been very popular.

78400018 (531x800)

Coach Swann. I am not sure what he is standing in front of. At first glance it appears to a monument to a roll of paper towels, but I am not certain.

78400003 (531x800)

They all had to go to church on Sunday morning. Heels, hose, gloves, purses and I liked the head bands style of head gear.

78400009 (531x800)

Happy Days

78410012 (800x531)

Sweet Memories

One response to “Thursday, December 10, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Magnolia High School 1954

  1. Since your favorite sibling was a member of the class of 54 Magnolia High School…..I’ll fill in a few blanks. Coach Swann and Mr. Duffey (Honeyboy) were sponsors along with teacher Miss Hyde, teacher Miss Colburn, and Mrs, Dennis (Naoma’s mother) Yes, we went in a school bus that was not air conditioned but neither were the school rooms back then so it didn’t seem HOT. The dates were April 14 to the 21. It was the first time some of our class had ever been out of Magnolia. We stopped in New Orleans to eat and several of us gals went to the rest room and heard music going so we peeped in. It was a strip tease show going on, WOW….our first h. However we did not get to stay very long as we got “caught”.
    On to Bilioxi where we spent most of the time….the Sun Kist Motel., Biloxi Mississippi. Most of our eating was done at the Friendship House in Biloxi. We did make a day trip to Pensacola and took a “cruise” on the “Sailfish” around the Gulf. We were amazed at the white sands around Florida.

    So many of the class of 54 have died.


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