Thursday, December 3, 2015 – I Starting Decorating Last Night

Thursday, December 3, 2015 – I Started Decorating Last Night

I began decorating my living room last for whatever holiday you want to call it. I am calling it Christmas. You call yours whatever and I will not be offended. Therefore, if you don’t call your holiday, Christmas then don’t be offended by what I am calling mine.

Yes, I spent almost 25 minutes working on decorations last evening. That is a new record for decorating. Five of those minutes were trying to find Scotch tape, scissors and an exacto knife. I figure I will finish tonight. It should take a couple of hours or until the wine bottle is empty – whichever comes first.

So far so good. I have yet to draw blood with the sharp objects. I did manage to blow out a lamp socket. The sparks were pretty; however, brief and nothing caught fire.

There are no photos yet, since I have a few more decorations to design. Tonight comes the lights.

I doubt there will be any outside Christmas displays in my front for several reasons. One, I am not fond of large latex figures blowing around my front yard. Two, I am not fond of weird wire creatures with lights. Three, I not sure what the Home Owners Association rules are and would not want to be thrown in The Detention Pond.

So I am pretty sure the outside will not look like this.

Christmas 2013 2013-12-23 004

Oh. Yes – Happy Birthday to BFF Troglodyte.

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