Thursday, November 12, 2015 – From the Files of Déjà vu All Over Again Files

Thursday, November 12, 2015 – From the Files of Déjà vu All Over Again Files

Good Morning, Class. Today is Throw Back Thursday or AP World History Class.

Before we begin we must do our Texas daily assessment practice. In my Facebook albums honoring our veterans, the following photograph is posted. You were asked to find the anomaly. Did you?

Out of step

And now to our history lesson for today. Please take notes and don’t forget to bring a Blue Book for your test next week.

I did not watch the Republican Debate. My decision was not politically based. When I learned the topic was the economy, I decided I would not watch anybody discuss the economy. In spite of taking two semesters and actually being certified to teach an economics course, I do not understand the economy and am convinced no one else really does either. I am not sure I would have watched Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey talk about the economy while dancing naked. Not even alone with you in a Lincoln, Matthew, could I listen to the topic.

OK – Enough Birdwalking (Saint Madeline Hunter). I did watch the news sound bites regarding the debate.

Your assignment is to select which scenario(s) should be used as a historical precedent(s) for Donald Trump’s immigration action plan.

In the debates Donald Trump said he favored a mass deportation force to pick up illegal immigrants. When questioned on the next day morning news shows about a mass deportation force, Mr. Trump reiterated- we would have a mass deportation force, but we would do it humanely.

Exactly how does a forced mass deportation work humanely?

Should we look backwards and historically to the pogroms of Jews in Europe and Russia around the 1900’s? Or in fact pick a time and look the Jews historically and biblically. That diaspora thing.

Should we look at those 1848 European Revolutions that brought boatloads of immigrants to the United States? Note: this would be the Duffeys escaping that nasty, rotten potato thing in Ireland. You know, the one where the British said “Let ‘Em starve. It is tea time?”

Remember, the operative word in the assignment is “humanely.”

Should we look at the break-up of the old state of Yugoslavia into present day countries? We all said it would go down like this when Marshal Tito died in 1980. In fact this was kinda of standard question for high school and college history teachers to ask back then. “What do you think will happen to Yugoslavia when Tito is gone?” When it did break up causing those civil wars and genocides in Serbian, Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia, how were those deportations handled humanely?

Or should we look at the present? Should we look to the millions emigrating from Middle Eastern countries to Europe now? I am thinking that people immigrating (and please tell me you know the difference between the two spellings) will really put a burden on Europe’s economic structures and systems.

I suppose that really should not concern us – as in the United States economy. We only live in a global economy. And besides, it’s not like it is happening all over the world and or hasn’t happened before – like in Asia (China, Japan, and Vietnam) and Africa. (Check map and news for daily emigrations, immigrations, and revolutions.)

So to check for understanding of the assignment – Please select which of these scenarios exhibited or exhibit the best mass forced deportation conducted humanely. Please send responses to the Donald Trump campaign speech writers.

Class dismissed.

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