June 1, 2015 – Why I Still Do Not Like Facebook

June 1, 2015 – Why I Still Do Not Like Facebook

Today marks the three month period since I joined Facebook. It is a sociologist and psychologist dream come true. One can sample the entire global population and never leave his or her computer.

Was Facebook the future society we envisioned when we talked about “…and one day all of the technologies will converge?” Remember those great futurist professors from the University of Houston like Chris Dede we used to hang out with back in the early 1990’s? Wonder if he ever learned to dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe? (Today Chris Dede is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.)

Is Facebook the society Megatrends author John Naisbett referred to it as a society that is a High Tech/Low Touch Society?

Since this is Texas and we assess everything, and since I am a recovering bureaucrat, I am trained to submit a three-month evaluation of a pilot program.

For my presentation I have chosen to deliver My Evaluation of Facebook on three levels.  The highest level is the DeMars/Miller Level. It is named for two really smart people who know what I am talking about and can understand all of the big words. I hope they weigh in for accuracy, corrections and opinions because, as always, I value their thoughts.  Please note: There are many other really smart people I could have named my level for. I promise to name something else for you later.

The second level is called The Cocktail Chatter Level. It is self-explanatory.

The third level is called So East Montgomery County Residents Can Comprehend and it is self-explanatory as well.

Why I Still Do Not Like Facebook

DeMars/Miller Level

The original algorithmic designs from Zuckerman’s dorm room were flawed in multiple areas and in some cases intentional. The designs led to new and emerging social issues of privacy, ethics, and cybercrime to name a few. Old social laws and strategies are ineffectively used by conventional social institutions to address new social problems. While recent and continuing modifications in the algorithms have created changes in the overall program design there continue to be issues of concern.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • I still think it is ethically wrong for me to be forced to join a program to access it.
  • Privacy settings were initially and continue to be deeply embedded and therefore difficult to set.
  • The various screens are difficult to distinguish among and icons are tiny. Therefore it is easy to be on the wrong page and thus send personal data and information to the world.
  • The overall program is nonlinear, yet the new posts on the HOME screens are presented in a linear manner. Why can’t I categorize and place posts into folders I create? Maybe I can and I do not know it.
  • Training on the ethnical and responsible use of the program must be a nightmare.
  • Is this a valid analogy using The Big Three? – Hardware, Software and Training. Imagine the Cloud and the Internet as the biggest pieces of hardware ever. Then imagine that Facebook is one of the biggest software programs ever. Then imagine no training on how to use software ethically, responsibly, effectively and purposefully.

The Cocktail Chatter Level

  • Yes, I am on Facebook now. Yes, it took me a long time to decide to access it and I still do not like it. It is not intuitive and it easy to get lost while using it.
  • It is easy to send stuff to people that you wish the next day you didn’t do it. There should be pop-up windows that say “Don’t Drink and Facebook.” And BTW, Facebook is a program and therefore a noun and not a verb.
  • So why did you access it?
  • I finally had a valid reason. It is the fundamental concept of technology – what are you going to do with it? I want people to read my blog – Here’s What I’m Thinking. I am a Facebook slut. Send me a Friend Request and I will click on you.
  • What is your blog about?
  • Whatever I am thinking. But mostly college football, the Texas Aggies, the Texas education system and the overall educational institution with a few politics postings tossed in to really piss off people.
  • My goal is to make at least one person smile, hopefully laugh and think every day, Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday or Sunday, if something happens.
  • I try to write a little something for everybody. You do not have to agree, just think. I try to be equally snarky to all.
  • My business plan is “if I know you, have known you or will know you in the future, I WILL write about you. Therefore, you should probably read Here’s What I’m Thinking to ensure it is not the day I choose to write about you.”
  • You can access it by searching Drdrd85.me and you don’t have go through Facebook.
  • You can also access it on Twitter @DRDRD85
  • Twitter is like Facebook on speed with a limited number of characters.

So East Montgomery County Residents Can Comprehend

  • Holy Shit! I just sent a picture of my junk to my wife instead of my girlfriend.
  • Now, damn it, I just spilled my beer on my computer.
  • Thelma Louise, the baby and the pit bull are both in the back yard. Go take a picture. I want to facebook it to Mama.
  • We are becoming The Borg.
  • It is Obama’s fault.


 SINE DIE and God Bless Texas

5 responses to “June 1, 2015 – Why I Still Do Not Like Facebook

  1. Greg DeMars

    Okay, I feel like it’s my duty to say something snarkily brilliant, or perhaps just pedantically abstruse, but I need to say *something* because I got one of DrD’s Facebook Assessment Levels (FBALs) named after me! Yippee!! And who the hell is this Miller person, anyway?

    I will say that one reason it took me a few days to make this post has to do with your first bullet item in “my” FBAL above: I was rebelling against the requirement to register on this blog hosting site in order to post a comment. Petty, yes I know, but I’m pretty sure I have a redeeming quality laying around here somewhere. Probably under the couch cushions next to the 20 rupee note, the month-old pizza crust, and that fuzzy ball of….something.

    In general I quite like your analysis – it’s thoughtful, and your levels are instructive to those audiences they target. I might quibble with this point here or that point there, but I’d rather have a whisky on the back porch and talk about fishing. Oh, okay, fine, here are my quibbles:

    – There is a grammatical error in the first sentence of the DeMars/Miller Level section (adverb agreement)
    – There is a (somewhat comical) spelling error in the 5th bullet point of the same section
    – Fourth bullet: it’s a “Newsfeed,” not a “HOME screen.” 😀 I would expand on this bullet to say that it APPEARS to be presented in a linear fashion, but is reordered at the whim of Facebook programmers. It would be much more useful and efficient for users if, when we selected “Most Recent” as our Newsfeed option, it actually presented the Newsfeed in chronological order AS POSTED. Instead, it gets reordered every time some Tom, Dick, or Harry (usually Dick) “Likes” a post or comments on a post. Frustratingly inefficient interface. Or maybe that’s just me being a jerk.
    – I think FB somewhat transcends the hardware/software/training paradigm. Having been in the software biz for 3 decades-ish, we are seeing “programs” turning into “apps” and the mass market expectation is that no training should be required. If you need training for an app, your app sucks.

    Well, I have probably said enough, except to suggest that you and I and this mythical Miller person should all get together for a beer or something. And yes, it’s Obama’s fault.


  2. – Thank you. A+. I have no proof reader and sometimes my adverbs do not agree and my participles dangle. I had a cat who used to proof, but he died.
    – I saw the spelling error and decided not to correct it, b/c it did have a slight humor.
    – I did not know one had to register for the blog- I share your frustration and rebellion. I am my IT person too and the boxes and wires pieces were never my strong suit.
    – Newsfeed – as always (yes, as far as way back as then), I learned from your comments – I almost used “interface” but was not sure that was the correct term.
    – I like the transcending paradigm thought. Put on list of beer/porch/fishing topics.
    – I debated on using the term “program” for FB because it really does not fit traditional program definition, but yet, app does not seem to be a correct term either. ?
    – – Yes, if your app needs training, it sucks.
    – Which brings us to Miller – as in Miller Time. Went to grad school with K. Miller. She is a visionary; owns her own training company in The Woodlands and has since the mid 1980’s. She designs and/or oversees the development of training environments and the materials for those who will conduct various trainings – high level stuff – training components to high level government and corporate RFP’s, etc.
    – Speaking of RFP’s and dicks – did you read my RFP for removing the penis stain in my driveway left by my friend’s vehicle oil leak?
    – Yes – a meeting of such great minds is essential. Quibbling on the porch is one of my favorite activities. You would have so loved Chris Dede and his mind.
    Confirmation – you and Miller are the only two who can understand the paragraphs – hence the name and you did get first billing. Seriously, thank you for your thoughts and taking the time to put them in writing.
    – First time fishing ever, so first time fly fishing in Alaska last summer. Will post picture. Hilarious.
    – Key to FB unlocked – tell people you will write about them and then start posting pictures of them.
    – Caution: one must not confuse quibbles with kibbles. In addition, neither term is from a Harry Potter novel.
    – Let’s message and talk porches and dates.


  3. Greg DeMars

    Out of all the points you just made, all I can think is “You fly fished in Alaska?!?!? I am so jealous!!!” Bucket list item for me for sure.

    I’ve never had a cat, but he always walks on my keyboard. Pisses me off. His name may or may not be Schroedinger.

    Yes. Porches, liquids, words. I’ll even bring my guitar.


  4. And fly fishing is the best comment. I will post some pics on FB tonight. My sister and her husband live in Soldotna – an hour south of Anchorage – six months out of the year. Cannot wait to go back. Will send you to a hilarious blog called Awkward Mama Moments about some woman’s adventures fly fishing in Idaho The pics of the fish are beautiful and she posts mostly about the fish.
    Where ever Alaska is on the bucket list, move it closer to the top and visit.


  5. Schroedinger – nice – LOL. This cat was named Buddy T. Cat. The T stood for The.
    Guitar – The next item on my bucket list is to relearn to play my guitar. You are absolutely correct in your reply several weeks ago about how to learn to play a guitar – get an instrument, tune it, and put your fingers where the dots are from a song in a songbook. (Summer – 1968 – grounded for the entire summer, so I learned to play guitar – that and every hippie could play one). Add to porch list topics. Let’s start with – “Well, we were all 21 in Louisiana…”


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