Wednesday, March 18, 2015 – No Golf Today

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 – No Golf Today

No golf today. As my dear HB used to say “there is always lots to be thankful for.”  I will be so thankful if the rains wash away the stain in my driveway.  See – my friend came to spend a few days with me over the weekend and something leaked from her truck which was parked in my driveway creating a grease stain.  Remember I live in a group of all look a-like town homes.

After she left I went outside to look at the stain hoping to see the face of Jesus or Mary or maybe even Reveille. Maybe even something prophetic such as “Texas Aggie Women Upset UConn to win the 2015 National Women’s Basketball Championship.  Or something even more profound “Texas Aggies Win Their First National Football Championship since 1939!” This way I could turn my town home into a shrine of some sort and charge admission for people to drive by and take photos, but I couldn’t see any faces, messages from the future or oily images suitable for Instagram.

So I will be so thankful if these rains wash away the stain.  Otherwise directions to my house will include, “Turn right and then my house is the one with the giant penis looking stain in the driveway. You can’t miss it.”

Oh yes – another thing to be thankful for – I did not put cat litter on the stain yesterday.  For that to work on grease stains it must be “the clumping kind.” Can you imagine if my driveway was filled with clumping cat litter and it rained causing it to all clump at the end of my driveway?

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