Thursday, March 12, 2015 – Reveille Training

Thursday, March 12, 2015 – Reveille Training

Yes, Reveille IX is a beauty.  I saw in another article that Reveille VIII would be training her.  VKM, I hope you got the contract to create the training modules for the new Rev.  Just exactly how does one dog train another? Are these the key concepts?

No one walks on the grass around the Memorial Student Center because it is in memory of our fallen heroes.

Never pee on Kyle Field. It too is sacred.

When at a visitor’s site, always pee on their field.

Insist on a new wardrobe, including a new coat, a new bed and new raincoat.

Always sleep on your handler’s bunk.  He must sleep on the floor.

Learn when your handler has an exam, and then bark in class so the class will be dismissed.

Only bark at opponents’ mascots you can outrun.  Never bark at those for which you could be an afternoon snack– (Tigers and Alligators.)

During football games, run as fast as you can when leading in the team.  There is an army of big and fast men running behind you.

Never fear – your handler will throw his body on you to protect you from harm and SMU football players.

Never fear – should a team make fun of you (the Rice University MOB), the entire Corp of Cadets will hold the opponent hostage until the Texas Rangers arrive.

Never roll in the mud or in dead carcasses unless the Aggies win the National Football Championship. Then all Aggies will join you in the celebration.

Don’t send email from your personal account.  You are now a public official.

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