Tuesday, March 10, 2015 – The Blue Bird Courts in Conroe, Texas

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 – The Blue Bird Courts in Conroe, Texas

Before we leave the Way Back Machine, let’s go to 1975. The other day, somebody on FB mentioned “a small town, where on Saturday night, you drive up and down the main drag.” Then somebody else commented about “The Miracle Mile” in Conroe that ran from the H-Y Drive-In Picture Show to The Blue Bird Courts. Then I mentioned the Drive-In with car hops next door to The Blue Bird Courts was The Oasis.

So many memories of Conroe in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.  Here is one from my memory collection about The Blue Bird Courts. In 1966 my parents moved to Conroe.  About 1972 or 1973 they purchased a house on Oak Hollow. This was on the opposite of Frazier Street, but one had to pass The Blue Bird Courts to turn left to get to Oak Hollow Subdivision. It became a standing joke between me, my sister and our mother – Let’s go see what the lobby of The Blue Bird Court looks likes.  Do you really think it is a whorehouse (my mother, can you believe?) or Let’ see if we recognize any cars at The Blue Bird Courts.

As some may recall, my dear Mother passed away in 1975.  My dear Aunt Claudie and Aunt Dargie cared for her in her last days.  On the day she passed away, Aunt Claudie said that she and Dargie and their husbands, Uncle Ralph and Uncle Horn, respectively were going to go to a motel to rest as our house would become busy.  Aunt Claudie said “We’re just going to over here and rent a couple of rooms at The Blue Bird Courts.  I started, “OH Aunt Claudie that place is …” My sister put her hand or my arm and shhhed me.  She then said, “Well, if that place is not suitable, there is a brand-new Holiday Inn on South Frazier.” And out the door the aunts and uncles went.

I looked at my sister and realized what she had done.  (I know, I am blaming this all on you, D!”) “You did that on purpose, didn’t you? So we could hear about The Blue Bird Courts?”

About 10 minutes later, the aunts and uncles were back at our house.  Aunt Claudie and Aunt Dargie were all flustered and saying things like “Oh no!” “Oh, it did not look clean.” “It did not look safe” and my all-time favorite “The lobby was lavender!”  My Uncle Horn, who was quite the rounder, even said, “Yep, even I was scared.” So off to the Holiday Inn they went.

My sister and I laughed and said “Well, we know the color of the lobby.” I am sure we could hear Mother laughing too.

One response to “Tuesday, March 10, 2015 – The Blue Bird Courts in Conroe, Texas

  1. One cannot get away with anything with that memory of yours!!!


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