Monday, March 9, 2015 – Another Place – Another Time – Quick Draw Champs Named At Magnolia Elementary School

Monday, March 9, 2015 – Another Place – Another Time – Quick Draw Champs Named At Magnolia Elementary School

Let’s get in the Way Back Machine and see what was happening 57 years ago. In cleaning when I moved I found this newspaper clipping from the Tomball Tribune. It is so funny, yet tragic on so many levels.  If you remember Freddie Bell, the thought of him with a gun is funny and frightening. It definitely marks a different time in education and the world. The year would have been 1959.  No way would something like this happen today.


From The Tomball Tribune

Quick Draw Champs Named At Magnolia

A contest was held recently to name the quick-draw champion of the Magnolia Elementary School.  The rules were that the pistol had to be drawn from a holster, belt or pocket, and the hand could not be touching it before the signal was given to draw.  Judges for the contest were Leon Free and Buddy Nunn.

The winners of Group I were Freddie Bell from Special Education, Robert Earl Dennis from the First Grade, Joe Arellona from the Second Grade, and David Townsend from the Third Grade.  In the draw for the championship, Robert Earl Dennis beat Freddie Bell to the draw and David Townsend eliminated Joe Arellona.  For the championship of Group I, David Townsend won by a close decision over Robert Earl Dennis.  His prize was a “Rick-O-Shay” pistol.

In Group II, the winners were Paul Green from the Fourth Grade, Molly Harper from the Fifth Grade and Tommy Duroy from the Sixth Grade. In the draw-off for the championship, Molly Harper outdrew Paul Green, and then Molly eliminated Tommy Duroy and became champion of Group II. Her prize was also a “Rick-O-Shay” pistol.

At the bottom of the clipping in my Mother’s handwriting “Molly Harper in Delia’s room – Delia entered, but was eliminated.” I was “eliminated” by Molly. Sounds as though Molly shot me. David Townsend must have shot Jo Arellona because I never heard of him again.

I guess the headline – Girl Wins Quick Draw Championship at Magnolia was way too ahead of its time, kinda like Molly. I wonder how much those Rick-O-Shay pistols are worth today. Check EBay.

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