Friday, January 2, 2015 – The Twilight Zone

Friday, January 2, 2015 – The Twilight Zone

To paraphrase the late, Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead – What a long strange year it has been – and it is only a few hours old.

I have a college football bowl hangover and am still processing just the games from yesterday. Who remembers the ABC Wide World of Sports tagline “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat?” Right now the winners are: ESPN, Chick-Filet and Larry Culpepper, the Dr. Pepper soda guy.

But let’s rewind to New Year’s Eve. If you recall, the Computer, whose name, btw is Toshiba, was quite ill and taking over my life.  It was contaminated with Adware, Malware, What the Kardashians Wear and more equally bad things. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I actually stayed up until midnight. Just before the New Year rang in, I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone on the marathon of the same name on the SyFy Channel. It was and still is an incredible TV program.  I could go on about the merits of the show, but suffice to say it is an all-time favorite and I have probably seen every episode multiple times.

The episode just before midnight was an episode from 1961 that starred Burgess Meredith (Go to Google) on trial by The State for being “obsolete.” He is sentenced to death which is televised to the masses as a warning.  (Think Hunger Games, Divergent, dystopian society) His occupation? A Librarian.  The State was represented by an individual (very Hitlerian and Stalininist in nature and demeanor, but with no facial hair) who tries and convicts the librarian. As in so many episodes, irony is a major component.  Meredith uses his knowledge and tricks the representative of The State who then goes on trial and is sentenced to death. His crime? Inability to function in society according to The State rules.  

On New Year’s Day, I take Toshiba the Computer, to Dr. Geek Squad. Dr. Geek’s recommendation is to have Dr. Geek Squad Specialists repair via a remote takeover of my computer in the luxury of my home with an Internet connection.

So while Florida State was being smashed by The Oregon Attack Ducks, I turned my computer over to someone, somewhere probably named HAL, for repair.  It was really, creepy and trippy and yet exciting to watch your computer being controlled from an unknown Agent of cyber space. For about three hours he (I knew his name and alleged gender because I was in a chat room with him – part of the creepiness), but he removed programs and cleaned my computer. No, I did not have to sit for the entire three hours, but you could watch everything that was being done. You had no control over what was happening. It was as though ‘it was from another dimension; from another place and another time; in a society where the individual has no thoughts and is controlled by an unknown authority. Next stop – The Twilight Zone.”

And then the final message window verifying that the process was completed popped up.  It read:

“You may now resume control of your regularly scheduled computing.”

Yep – you can hear The Twilight Zone music, can’t you?

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