Wednesday, December 31, 2014 – Good-bye Twenty Fourteen

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 – Good-bye Twenty Fourteen

Good-bye twenty-fourteen. Not to be confused with Good-bye Yellow Brick Road by Sir Elton John.  However, the rhythmic, pentameter works for both.

It is me again – THE COMPUTER.  The humanoid has still not taken me to see Dr. Geek Squad.  So you should be wearing rubber or latex gloves if you are reading this last entry for 2014. The humanoid tried to reason with me that it HAD to have me to conduct certain tasks before the end of the year and could not let me go until today.  Sounds like the humanoid has an illness and malware too. But the humanoid promised it would be today as soon as I was backed up.

This is what the humanoid wanted posted for the last day of the year 2014:

Like Coach Kevin Sumlin, I am embarrassed for one of my alma maters, but as Ron White says “Can’t fix stupid.”  I give the assistant, The Woody Hayes Award.  Now, get the incident off of YOUTUBE, Yahoo, ESPN, and all social media and let us get on to next year.

Betcha. Betcha THE University of Texas and Oklahoma University never imagined the entire pride of The Big Twelve Conference would rest with Baylor and TCU.  Are you at a Deloss for words, Texas?


But onward thru the fog (Oat Willies’) and to politics.

Soon the state of Texas will have a new governor and a new administration. This was reported in the Dallas Morning news and other media four days ago. “Plum jobs going to Perry aides.” Duh! This is similar to when the late, wonderful Marvin Zindler noted that “Texas has a whorehouse in it,” referring to The, also late, Chicken Ranch.  And a paraphrase from the always funny, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, “That comes as a surprise to any child still in diapers and four tourists from New Jersey.”

But as The Eagles sing “There’s a New Kid in Town.”  I am certain the ADA carpenters are busy this New Year’s holiday. I hope they are legal immigrants.  I wonder if the either of the Castro Brothers are interested in a bumper sticker that reads “Abbott and Patrick.  Making the state blue, one roll at a time.”

OK – I will be nice for the last entry. Here’s to the New Year.  Next year focus on this as stated by Honeyboy Duffey:

  1. Tell at least one person per day that you appreciate them.
  2. Whatever it is, if you have faith, it will all work out.
  3. And whatever the situation, there is always lots to be thankful for.

Watch for both me and THE COMPUTER next year with new stuff.

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