Monday, December 8, 2014 – The Decision Has Been Made

Monday, December 8, 2014 – The Decision Has Been Made

And so The Committee has spoken. The bracket for the first NCAA Football Playoff is set.  Today, there is only one award to be given.  To The Committee I award the First Annual Bronx Cheer, Raspberry Award.

Here are my thoughts regarding your selections.

What is “the best” answer? Your job was to objectify as much as possible a subjective process.  I suppose you did the best you could.

Everybody knew somebody or somebodies were going to be left out.

You do not have to defend the results. You have to defend the process. That sounds familiar.

Big-12 Co-Champions of Baylor and TCU. That is like taking your sister or brother or cousin to the prom because you do not have a date.

If either # 5 Baylor or # 6 TCU were named The University of Texas or The University of Oklahoma (OU) we would not be having this conversation. They would be in.

The Big 12 got screwed due to no Big 12 Championship Title Game and weaker non conference schedules.  And whose fault is that?  Could it be that Big Orange in Austin voted against a title game and voted to schedule weak opponents prior to conference play in order to look better?

It is unfortunate that Baylor and TCU were penalized for weaker schedules this year, when schedules are made years in advance.

How about adding criteria of “the number of arrests, scandals, investigations and/or NCAA violations?”  It could make players behave or at least think about their behavior it they knew it would create a black mark for their team in committee negotiations.

There are 39 college football bowl games.  My opinion, that is about 30 too many.  As Gypsy Rose Fortune Teller prophesized – No Texas A&M v THE University of Texas this year.  Texas A&M plays UWV in The Liberty Bowl in Memphis.  The University plays Arkansas in the Texas Bowl in Houston.  That seems somewhat fitting.  After all, the first domino to fall creating the situation it evolved into was Arkansas leaving the Southwest Conference for the SEC. After that, it pretty much became The Greed of Texas is Upon You.


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