Friday, December 5, 2014 – Winner, Winner Championship Dinner

Friday, December 5, 2014 – Winner, Winner Championship Dinner

What do the letters ESPN stand for?  Bet you can’t remember. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, there is a 62 percent chance that one of the top four teams will lose this weekend and an 18 percent chance that two of them will lose.  Win and you’re in. Lose and how you looked when you lost makes a big difference.

Remember those word problems on standardized tests?  Mary, Bill, Larry, Sue and Tanisha, all have on a sweater.  Each one is wearing a solid color sweater.  Bill’s sweater is not red; Sue’s sweater is not green; Tanisha is wearing blue. Larry‘s sweater is yellow.   Mary’s sweater shows her bosom.  Who has on the black sweater?

I don’t know if that works, but you get the main idea.  This is what The Committee will deal with next week.  This weekend is all about winning and looking good while doing it. Or even losing, but looking good while doing it.

It does not matter. Next week the sports news will be filled with who was left out and who is not happy with the new playoff system.  There are not very many games left, but each one could alter the outcome of The Big Four.  Who is working to be the fourth pick? Tonight begins with Arizona State and Oregon.  A win by the Wildcats knocks out the Ducks; a win by Georgia Tech would probably knock out Florida State.

Baylor and Kansas State play tomorrow as do Wisconsin and Ohio State.  A win by Wisconsin should knock Ohio State out.  A win by K-State would knock Baylor out of a possible Big Four and out of the Big 12 Title share with TCU.

Are you confused yet?  Well watch the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) for more info.

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