Friday, October 31, 2014 – BOO! Halloween or All Saints Eve

Friday, October 31, 2014 – Boo! Halloween or All Saints Eve?

Pick either one, but it is the day before Saturday football! The Aggies return against Louisiana- Monroe. I believe this is like a UTEP or a TAMUCommerce institution of higher learning. The mascot is the War Hawk. Sounds like another bird to me. For Texas A&M it is Game One to see if there is anything to salvage for next year.  I mean with Auburn, Missouri and LSU left on the schedule, who knows what evil lurks beyond the turf? Heck, we don’t even know who is going to be quarterback.  Some reports say Hill, but today’s reports say Allen. Coach Sumlin says “whoever runs on the field” will be quarterback.  I hope it is Johnny Manziel or Peyton Manning, but they are probably working this weekend.   I hate the 11:00 am game.  Too many Bloody Marys and it is difficult to stay awake for the afternoon games. But the prime time games should be prime time action with Auburn at Ole Miss in Oxford, The Hogs of Arkansas are in Starkville with #1 Mississippi State and the Trees of Stanford could knock out Oregon, but the game is in Eugene.  Come on Cardinal. Remember Stanford’s mascot is not the bird; it is the color.  As smart as though Stanford people are, I still do not understand The Tree.

But I do admire the Aggie strategy for this week’s game. If you do not play well, then you should always look good. The Aggies will be wearing throwback uniforms from 1939 – also known as the Year of the Only National Football Championship. The helmets are spectacular and look like retro leather helmets even with faux stitching. Even sports chatter on Yahoo says “But the helmet is just awesome. It’s the best throwback helmet we’ve seen this year in college football.” Take that Texas Tech and whatever finger painting was on your helmet.  BTHO La-Monroe.

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