Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Academic Tuesday

A Comparative Analysis of Television and Cable Communication Systems of Major Collegiate Institutions during the Annual Autumnal Football Season

Today, students, we are going to compare The Longhorn Network (LHN) with the SEC Network (SEC). Let’s begin.



Has One (1) Channel

Has a subchannel for no extra cost

Can watch One Game

Can watch two SEC games

Can watch ONE team and the opponent

Can watch many teams and opponents

Only has ONE school so one team

Has 14 schools so 14 teams

Lost Kaylee Hartung

Has Kaylee Hartung

Have to watch Iowa State and Kansas

Do not have to watch Iowa State or Kansas

Limited programming

24/7 programming

Does not have Brent Musberger

Have to listen to Brent Musberger

Does not have Paul Finebaum

Who is Paul Finebaum?

Fights with providers over money

Plays on many providers

Makes millions of dollars

Makes many millions of dollars

Plays 2005 National Championship over and over

Makes multiple national championships from past five years

Does not share profits of network

Shares the profits of network so everybody benefits




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