Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

College Football – Week Two

This week in college football was the David and Goliath of conferences. It is when smaller colleges and universities get to play with big colleges and universities. It is also known as the major Fundraising Weekend for the Athletic Department for the smaller schools. So my awards today are:

Most points scored with a whopping 73 – it is a tie between Clemson and Texas A&M. Second place goes to Baylor with 70.

Largest margin of victory – It is Texas A&M for 70 to 3 over Lamar. The game began after two hour and ten minute delays when 180 lighten strikes were recorded. But never fear the First Lady of Aggieland was prepared.

Reveille in the Rain

The Almost Blew award in the Big 12 goes to Kansas State for having to come from behind to beat Iowa State. Why does the Big 12 even play a school with a weather pattern for a mascot? I always think Iowa State is USC. There must be some kind of copyright infringement for one of them.

For Being Able to Play with the Big Boys – it is a tie between McNeese who gave Nebraska a run for the cornfields and UTSA for hanging tough with Arizona until the bitter 1:02 seconds left in the game. You better be ready Oklahoma State. Those Texas boys can play.

Ugly Uniforms, including Helmets – It is Oregon, who else? But you did knock out Michigan State, so wear whatever you want.

The Patsy Cline – I Fall to Pieces Award– It is The University Texas. And it is not going to get any easier. And It Keeps Right on a Hurting…

The Best Team of the Week Award goes to – Virginia Tech for upsetting the previously #8 ranked, THE Ohio State University. And we do the Hokey Pokey as the Aggies rise in the polls to number seven.

The Way to Hang Tough Award – goes to Sam Houston State, Lamar, Toledo, Northwestern and all of the smaller schools who lost the game on the first play or the first series, but stayed until the time ran off the clock.

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