Monday, July 14, 2014


Monday, July 14, 2014

One Monday morning after a return from Midland, I told my boss, GF, that I bought a T-shirt at the Midland Airport that read “Welcome to Midland.” He asked,“Why? I thought you hated going to Midland.” I replied, “I do. I bought the shirt to clean the toilet.” Have you ever been to Midland, Texas? It was not even on the long list for presidential libraries and there are reasons why. It is not exactly a stopover to any place except El Paso or Lubbock. Even then one is over 2 hours away by car. Of course, you can drive 90 miles per hour and be in the slow lane of traffic. So question number one – why and how did the Midland Airport become the Midland International Airport? Is this a Chamber of Commerce slogan? Midland – Gateway to the World? When I used to fly into the airport, only Southwest Airlines flew there because the runways were too short for giant planes. This brings up question number two. Why is Midland trying to get a license from the Federal Aviation Authority to be the first in the nation to offer commercial and space flights from its runways? Hell, I don’t want to go to Midland, let alone space. But wait. Enter the lesser prairie chicken. It seems this little bird is listed by the federal government as an endangered species so it is endangering the spaceport license. “The service is worried that sonic booms would disrupt the small birds early morning mating habits. City officials maintain it will not.” What about those sonic booms disrupting school, church and daily life? Wouldn’t it be more productive for Texas and the nation if Midland searched for water sources?

PS – Don’t cry for me, Argentina. And Happy Bastille Day.

One response to “Monday, July 14, 2014

  1. Imagine how sophisticated my family thought Midland was when we lived in Odessa for 3 damn years!!! Miss ya, Judy Drummond

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