Friday, June 13, 2014 – Full Moon

Friday, June 13, 2014 – Full Moon


Let’s Get Ready to Rumba! Or perhaps vacuum the floors. Or the dance African-Cuban dance whose name comes from the Cuban Spanish word” rumbo” which means party.The major musical instrument for the rumba is congas.I wonder if you can take those to the World Cup since hooters are not allowed. Or perhaps a rumba something for dinner from the meat department in the grocery store.Perhaps the HEB in Austin had rumba meats, but I had never heard of them until I saw them in the Kroger meat case. What is (are) rumba meats? A Google search ( of the website reveals the following definition (and I use the term definition loosely):

Rumba® meats provide essential ingredients for the treasured traditional dishes around the globe and the culinary world’s latest and most cutting edge creations. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality specialty cuts where you shop. We celebrate diversity and cultural traditions. We ignite creativity and spark the imagination in meal creation. But the flavors you create with Rumba meats aren’t just food, they are something altogether more special. So special, we call them Foods of the Soul®.

I have read their definition several times and I still do not know what type of meat rumba is. For all I know, since I live near an agricultural research university,this could be some type of experimental hybrid meat developed in the laboratories of the Meat Science Department at Texas A&M and being test marketed at the local Kroger market. It might be a cross between a rooster and a zebra. A two legged, furry, black and white striped animal with a beak and a red comb and a log wispy tail. There are six advertisements on the rumba meat website. One is for rumba food; one is a list of gluten free rumba (?) and the other four are for dog and cat food.

On a similar note, I noted that an Asian market in Austin was closed by the Health Department for selling pizzle for human consumption. “Pizzle is” – not only a great word for Words With Friends – “it is the common term for beef penis and in the U.S. it’s mostly used in dog treats or rendered for use in glue.” So I could give my dog a shot of Elmer’s Glue next time he wants a treat?

Here’s what I’m thinking. And you are thinking it too! I am thinking rumba meat might make me become a vegetarian.

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