June 12, 2014

Thursday June 12, 2014

Soft and young and tan and lovely; the Girl from Ipanema goes walking …” Where is Ipanema? I am ready. I have on my Carmen Miranda fruit hat. My carolix is by my side because vuvezulas were banned this year due to overpowering, stadium shaking noise. Also banned this year are hooters and air horns. Hooters are banned?  Must be a cultural thing lost in translation. I have my caipirinha, made with ice, sugar, lime and cachaca. Where am I? I am ready for the FIFA World Cup. In the event you are interested or plan to be on Jeopardy, FIFI stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association. I do not really follow the world’s most wide spread sport of soccer, but the World Cup is different.  It is like the world’s Super Bowl. The pervasiveness of soccer had created the rise and fall of empires and nations.The small round ball that is kicked has been a source of diplomacy and for the lack of diplomacy for centuries. Speaking of other small round spherical objects… Today marks the first day of the U. S. Open. That is golf which is played outdoors and uses a small, dimpled ball and is played by well-dressed people in slacks and collared shirts. Tonight, the San Antonio Spurs go for win number three against the Miami Heat. This is basketball. It is played indoors with a large, brown ball and is played by very large, muscular men who wear underwear like uniforms. The object of all three sports, soccer, golf and basketball is to put the ball, whatever size, into a designated goal, hole or basket. So go Team USA. Kick that Ball!!! Go Spurs! Blow my vuvuzela and do whatever one does with a carolix – which is available, along with a vuvezula, on Amazon, should you want to purchase. Where is Ipanema? It is a beach in Brazil where the national drink, caipirinaha is famous and until mid-July home to the FIFI World Cup.

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