Lent Day Thirty-Nine

Lent Day Thirty – Nine

Saturday, April 12, 2014 – SATURDAY! Where did it go? That was yesterday and yesterday’s gone. I think that was a song by the Hollies a British group. However, one of their members came to the United States and with three others formed another very influential folk, rock group of the 1960’s. Do you know the name of that group? I was a bit under the weather yesterday and when I remembered that I had not written a paragraph it was 9:30 PM and I was already prostrate in the bed and just too lazy to get up and try to write something. Early in this endeavor someone asked if I am writing this from memory. And the answer is: Mostly yes. I will occasionally look up a factoid on Wikipedia, just to ensure I have the facts correct but for the most part this is just a brain drain or a brain dump. You definitely want me on your trivia team. And now to the question above? Perhaps some of their songs will jog your memory banks. How about “Four Dead in Ohio” recalling the Kent State incident in 1970? Or “Teach Your Children?” When Graham Nash left the Hollies and moved to the United States he formed Crosby (David – from The Byrds), Stills (Stephen – from Buffalo Springfield), Nash (Graham – from the Hollies) and Young (Neil) – from Buffalo Springfield. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. CSNY rivaled The Beatles in popularity during early 1970’s. Now please commit all of this to memory so you will be well equipment for a trivia contest.

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