Lent Day Thirty – Eight

Lent Day Thirty Eight

Friday, April 11, 2014 – Today’s entry is not really late. Rather it is going to be pretty nonexistent. I got nothing today. The Masters Golf tournament is being played this weekend. It appears several of the golfers are playing as I do. OVER PAR. I saw where Phil Mickelson’s history of the Master’s is 14 over par. That is what I usually shoot. Of course, fourteen over the course par is just eighteen holes for me and several years for Mr. Phil. One either plays golf or doesn’t. There is not an in between. One either loves it or hates it. Now even though I play and enjoy being outdoors, even I find golf boring on television. In fact I am pretty bored right now as I sure you are reading this. I told you at the beginning “I ain’t got no words for today.” So there you go.

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