Lent Day Eighteen

Lent Day Eighteen

Saturday, March 22, 2014 – Oh future bright, Neath the purple and white, all hail to SFA; Neath Texas pines, we have found peaceful shrines where every month is May. Long live our alma mater; honor to thee for aye; As years unfold happy memories we’ll hold; all hail to SFA. Yes, I still remember the words to the SFA school song. I can also say the Greek alphabet while holding a burning match and get to Omega before the flame burns out. Something else I learned at SFA besides the school song. VCU, you can kiss my axe! Last’s night’s game was one of those happy unfolding memories we’ll hold. Here’s to the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks first NCAA victory in what was an incredible and unbelievable basketball game. There have been no blow out victories in the tournament. In fact, there have been many “poopy undies victories,” because the favored, big name school was taken down to the final minutes or seconds before escaping with a win over a small school, but obviously powerful team. The NCAA women’s games begin today. The bracket of the POTUS has the Catholics playing the Baylor Baptists, I mean Bears, in the Elite Eight for the Championship of Notre Dame Region. We both have ND winning. He also has UConn and Texas A&M playing for the Championship of the Lincoln region. We both have UConn winning. Reveille, you can take down that Huskie. OK, maybe not. Maybe Gary Blair can bore Geno to victory. I have great admiration for Coach Blair, but dang he talks slow. The POTUS has ND and UConn in the Championship Game. I do too. The irresistible force and the immoveable object. Baring a major upset this will be the first in NCAA women’s basketball history where the final two teams come in undefeated. UConn will have one loss when the lights go out.

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