Random Writings – Wednesday – Me & My Calvins

Nothing Comes Between Me & My Calvins

Remember the 1980’s Calvin Klein jean commercial with a 15 year old Brooke Sheilds provocatively purring about nothing coming between her and her Calvins?


Recently on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Brooke declared she could still fit into that size jean.  At 45 she can still fit into the same size jeans she wore at age 15.


Guess what Brooke and Calvin?  So can I at age 61. I wear the same size blue jeans I wore in high school and college(s). So “nothing comes between me and my Wranglers.” Except Hanes underwear.

2 responses to “Random Writings – Wednesday – Me & My Calvins


    I can still fit into my night gown that I have had for years.

    Seriously…..proud of you.


  2. A closer examination of the article states that “even though she can fit into those jeans, they do not look the same as they did when she was 15.” I know that feeling. Neither do mine.

    I think you have had that night gown since Brooke was 15. And I’m talking about Brooke Shields!


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