Random Writings – Tuesday – Lights Out

Lights Out

“Turn Out the lights; the party’s over. They say that all, good things must end.” I used to love to hear Dandy Don Meridith sing that on Monday Night Football. It signaled the end of the game whether the game was officially over or not.  Now the lyrics literally signal the end of an era.

GE’s Winchester, Virginia’s incandescent light bulb factory is closing.  It began making Thomas Edison’s new invention in the late 1800’s shortly after the glowing bulb was introduced. At one time the factor produced over three billion bulbs a year. Now we must use those more expensive, difficult to dispose of, energy-efficient curly light bulbs.


Once again, American jobs shipped overseas and south of the Rio Grande. The articles states you can get a three-way bulb in Mexico.  I am thinking you can get any kind of three-way you want in Mexico.

So the incandescent light bulb goes the way of the VCR, film cameras and Democrats in Texas.

How do you say “Turn the light on,” in Chinese?

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