With No Further DeLay

With No Further DeLay

And now, with no further delay, it is time for the high kick off routine of Here’s What I’m Thinking – Dancing With the Stars. The three day premier is only hours away now. Let’s meet the stars for season ten.http://celebglitz.com/37111/Celebrity-Gossip/dancing-with-the-stars-2009-lineup.aspx

And of course, my thoughts on this year’s contestants.

Aaron Carter, songwriter, producer, actor and younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and once-teen heartthrob. Actually I have no idea who this is.  I barely heard of the Backstreet Boys.  At first I thought it said Amon Carter, but then realized I did not have on my reading glasses and besides Amon Carter is dead.

Natalie Coughlin, Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer. She is the most decorated female swimmer in World Championship history, with 16 medals. Bring it on. The adjective “Olympic” defining her fame could bode troubled waters for her fellow competitors.  It could also bring personal pressure.  You know Kristi and Apollo are watching.

Mark Dacascos, a.k.a “The Chairman” from Food Network’s Iron Chef! He is also a trained martial arts expert and an actor. And he is hot.  Let’s see if he can cook on the dance floor.

Macy Gray, a singer. And a good singer. But can she dance?

Ashley Hamilton, the son of George Hamilton and once-husband to Shannen Dogherty. Is having a genetic disposition and the exchange of bodily fluids with another star really criteria for being on the show?  I’m mean what do you do? What does your father do? Besides look pretty.

Melissa Joan Hart, of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame. Cute. Perkiness could go far.

Kathy Ireland, former supermodel, current clothing designer. Let’s hear for my age group.

Michael Irvin, the token football player. Former Dallas Cowboy, three-time Super Bowl champ. Michael, do not embarrass the state of Texas or the Dallas Cowboys. Let Romo do that. What a challenge. Michael gets the rookie dancer and he has to live with knowing one of the triplets took home the trophy. I bet you will look good in those fancy clothes though.  Will you be dancing to Cole Porter’s “I get no kick from cocaine?”

Joanna Krupa, model, most recently she was seen on ABC’s The Superstars. Who?

Chuck Lidell, Ultimate Fighting Championship legend. Better be quick on the feet. Who?

Debi Mazar, actress, currently on Entourage. I am beginning to sound like an owl. Who?

Mya, Grammy-award winning singer. Could be a twitter contestant getting lots of votes.

Kelly Osbourne, reality star and daughter of Sharon & Ozzy. See Ashley Hamilton above.  Being the offspring of performers does not endure you with talent. However, you do seem to be the only sane one in the family. Relatively speaking of course.

Donny Osmond – sibling rivalry, Anything You Can do, I Can do Better. Do not forget to breath. I think those Mormons just pop out dancing.  It must have had something to do with crossing the desert and long, lonely nights around the wagon’s campfires.  With those huge families we know what else they did while crossing the desert. That polygamy culture helped provided lots of dance partners.

Louie Vito – Snowboarder?  I thought he made purses. His dancing partner is Chelsie Hightower. Allegedly Tom DeLay was offered the dancing partner of Ms Hightower, but refused because of political differences and fear he would be accused of dancing with a relative of Jim Hightower.

Tom DeLay, a former Republican Congressional leader, retired from Congress in 2006 after a Texas grand jury indicted him on money laundering charges. This selection confirms that the show has gone off the deep end.  Who is next? Dick Cheney dancing with the Devil?  Sorry that would be a solo dance.  Rumor has it that Mr. DeLay has difficulty moving to the left. I wonder if the former Republican House Majority Leader will be dancing to the Redistricting Waltz Across Texas. Gosh Dogget.  Besides I would rather see Sarah Palin.

The new season of DWTS premieres Sept. 21 at 8 p.m.

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