Game Show for Celebrities

Welcome to Celebrity Show Your Behind.  The game show where you the viewers and readers get to pick which celebrity most showed their behind on national television.  Let’s meet our contestants.

Our first contestant is – rapper Kanye West. Mr. West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. He even took her award away from her during his outburst, while a stunned Beyonce watched him take away Taylor’s moment by saying “Beyonce had the better video.  Second apology from West “SOOOOO SORRY.” You can see Beyonce next on “There Are Nice People Out There.”

Our next contestant is basketball star Michael Jordon.  His acceptance speech into the Basketball Hall of Fame consisted of multiple fouls against his high school coach for cutting him as a sophomore, Dean Smith for not selected him to be on the cover of Sport Illustrated and other people, Air Jordon thought wronged him. It was the EIGHTIES, MIKEE!!!

Our last contestant is tennis star, Serena Williams. Serena, “I did not threaten to kill you, Williams provided a colorful verbal opportunity to do a body cavity search on the line judge with tennis balls.  Two double faults, several f-bombs and two code violations AT MATCH POINT, gave the unranked Belgium, Kim Clijsters, the win of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.

So cast your vote on which celebrity most showed their behind on national TV.  The winner gets a year of free treatment at the anger management clinic in their city.  In addition, the winner receives 100 hours of community service working with potential celebrities on humility, honesty, integrity and respect.

2 responses to “Game Show for Celebrities

  1. And if the President of the United States wants to call one of the contestants an “asshole” he should have the right to do so.


  2. Vote for Serena. You’ve seen those skirts she wears.


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