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Media Borg

Just when I think it is a safe bet no body is actually reading, somebody says, “where’s your stuff?” OK I took a break, so give me one. Actually I was just watching the flow of stupidity pass from the media to our lives. I am thinking the Media is the Borg. “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” I am thinking we already are assimilated.

So let us see what I have been thinking.

St. Timothy Tebow’s New Eye Verse

SABIN 32:13

“And The Tide shall roll crimson over the gators.”


Almost Heisman Winner Again, Colt McCoy’s Prayer

“Please, God. Jordon and I promise we will always eat corn from now on and treat the kicker better. THANK YOU, JESUS!!!”

Twitter to Mack Brown from Nick Sabin “THE TIDE IS ROLLING!”

What a great football game the Big 12 Championship was. Of course not if you are from Nebraska. Texas lost in opportunity to play for the National Championship last year in the last seconds of the Texas Tech game. How fitting to win the opportunity to play for the National Championship with a single second left on the clock. Cosmic Karma.

Big 12, SEC, ESPN, ABC, NBC and any other sports organizations are screaming, “Hooray! The two best conferences in NCAA football playing for the National Championships.”

In other sports news… I think it is safe to say it ain’t gonna be a happy Christmas at the Woods’ house. I am so disappointed in Tiger Woods. But hey, he owned it. So here’s to the Borg Media, leave it alone! I do not want to see into Tiger Woods’ or any body else’s personal life. Tiger Woods is not a reality series. And to the fso-called friend who introduced Tiger to his wife. Thank you for unneeded and unnecessary media attention to yourself. I hope your game over flows with bogies, double bogies, out of bounds, bunkers and water hazards. You Shankapottumus.

Several asked: What no DWTS?

Donny Osmond won. Let’s hear it for the old guys!!! What does that tell you about the quality of the dancers? As I mentioned last year DWTS had jumped the shark, or past its prime time. And once Tom DeLay limped out, I really did not feel the need to dish the remaining contestants. Except we all know that Mya was the best dancer of all the contestants. It is just that the Mormons are quite technologically adept at voting and there always so many of them to vote.

Question of the day: I had a heart CT done this morning. My doctor recommended it as part of the women’s wellness. She had a coupon (what does this say about health care?) and I have benefits. So I go to the Heart Hospital of Austin, complete paperwork, complete more paperwork, and then go to CT room. Fully clothed, I lay down on a table; lifted my shirt to BELOW bra level, while a technician attached some electrode thingees. Then for 3 minutes the machine rolled me in and out passing under this scanner thing.

Why can’t mammograms be like this?