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June 26, 2014

Well, Sue You, Too, Mr. Speaker

Good morning, class. Welcome to the course entitled: The U. S. Constitution. No, not the ship. That is The U.S. S. Constitution.I am referring to the document. You must be home schooled. Today, we are going to having an assessment so testing companies can make more profit and teachers can provide less instruction. Today’s assessment consists of four questions. Please show your work. You may use the document for reference. Question number one: Please site where in the U.S. Constitution the Legislative Branch of the government can sue the Executive Branch. Be specific. Question number two: Conduct an extensive and comprehensive cost analysis of how much this action will cost the American taxpayers. (Is this really how you want to spend your Tea Party money?) Question three: Create a list of executive actions you plan to challenge. Here, I will help you get started: Those against:
• Black people,
• Brown people,
• Poor people,
• Gay people,
• Women people and
• Anybody who disagrees with my point of view, people.
Question number four. Explain how this action will move the country forward. Don’t forget to show your work.