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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NORTH! To Alaska! You go North; the rush is on.  Big Sam left Seattle in the year of ninety-two…” The trivia questions today are: Who sang that song? And for extra credit, who played Big Sam in the movie of the same name? I don’t know what year left Big Sam left Seattle, but I am leaving Seattle going North to Alaska in the year of 2014! I leave Friday for Alaska to take advantage of an unbelievable opportunity to go on a once in a life-time adventure. While I am going to have the opportunity to visit my sister, I am also going fly fishing.  I had no idea fish even flew, or that one could fish while flying, but Alaska is the Last Frontier, so there could be many things Where the Wild Things Are and this is definitely a Bucket List high priority item.  In looking at the map and planning day trips, I see that Wasilla is north of Anchorage and we will be travelling south.  I was hoping to see Russia from former governor Pallin’s house, but maybe I can see it from the hotel.  The good news is I have boots, wool hats, gloves and socks.  The bad news is I look like I am on Duck Dynasty.  If I put on my fleece facemask, which is black and covers all but my eyes, I look like someone that Homeland Security will stop for questioning. But at the moment I am off to Academy because I forgot to buy hand warmers. I wonder if they sell bear repellent here or if I will need to purchase upon arrival?  Johnny Horton sang North to Alaska and John Wayne played Big Sam McCord with Stewart Granger playing “…with George Pratt, his partner,” and with Fabian playing “…and brother Billy too.”