Monday, April 24, 2023 – Don’t Laugh and Remember It Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Monday, April 24, 2023 – Don’t Laugh and Remember It Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Several months ago I was talking to God and I asked if He could guide me toward something else to do to fill my days. I told Him that sleeping late, going to the gym, reading books, playing golf, taking naps and watching The Price is Right and the ID Channel on TV were just not enough to fill all seven days of the week.

I kept hearing Him say “ART!” Hearing the word “art” in my brain kept on for a few weeks. I finally told God that the last experience I had with an art project was in the third grade and I had a stadium set of Crayolas.

Nevertheless the word “art” kept running through my brain. I knew I did not want to take art lessons anywhere. That would mean being someplace at a certain hour and there would be people to deal with. Two things I really do not care for.

Then from the boundless wonders of the Internet a YouTube video appeared about a painting technique called acrylic pour. I thought to myself – I have three college degrees. I bet I can pour paints into a cup and then pour it onto a canvas. Then spin the canvas or swish the paint around the canvas. So I began a new hobby. I am now a card carrying member of Michaels.

The thing I like that most about paint pours is that you never know what the finished result will be. It is somewhat like life in that you just have to trust God and the process.

Here are some examples hanging in my combination car garage and art studio. If you rotate the canvas, you can see many different things. Guess which one I named Mardi Gras. The blue one was done by rolling a marble through the paints. Anyway, I am having fun and that is the main thing.

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