Friday, March 24, 2023 – Brackets and B Ball – No Place But Texas

Friday, March 24, 2023 – Brackets and B Ball – No Place But Texas

This is the best March Madness ever and we are not quite half way through.

My men’s and women’s brackets busted before I could even get them off of the printer.  By Round Two it was all over, but the crying because double digit seated teams were beating the favorites. Teams that no one had ever heard of before were winning. Do not try to tell me that you had heard of Farleigh Dickenson! There were upsets every day and sometimes every game played on a single day was an upset.

Both men’s and women’s teams from Princeton made it to the NCAA tournament. The women’s team lost in the second round even though the team gave the Utah Utes (not to be confused with “the two Yutes from My Cousin Vinny.) a quality game. The Princeton’s men’s team plays tonight. I love to listen to the announcers when a Princeton team plays. For example:

Announcer discussing the opponent: They are a fifth year Senior, majoring in general studies, was a JuCo transfer and holds the school record for most points, rebounds and assists.

Announcer discussing Princeton players – They are a future Rhodes Scholar, majoring in international law, speaks six languages, and their hobby is programming and coding video games.

Note: Notice how I did that gender free?

Dribbling on. If you refer back to the first post of this HWIT, you will note my prediction that there will be no women’s team from Texas participating in Dallas. I noted that there was a Call for Volunteers to work the Women’s Final Four Tournament. Once there was a time…

On the men’s bracket, the only team from the SEC is Alabama and their controversy. If Texas Tech and Bama played Tech could do “Guns Up!” Seriously, you Techsters need to change that. Maybe “Tortilla Throw Now!” Also tonight, we have The University of Houston playing Miami and THE University of Texas playing Xavier. My two least favorite schools in the entire state. Have you noticed that all schools do a Horns Down sign now? If you, TU, had not made such a big deal out of the gesture, no one would have noticed. Heck, Princeton fans do it and do not have a clue.

Speaking of least favorite teams, Notre Dame and Louisville are still playing on the women’s bracket. Can any team, including D II and DIII men’s teams, stop South Carolina? The Gamecocks bench is better than most teams.

The best part of March Madness are the commercials. Like him or not, Charles Barkley is funny! I sure hope he got paid big bucks for doing Chuck and the Chuckettes. But he does look good in satin and sequins. And how clever is Chuck Stop. And of course, there is the national treasure, Willie Nelson on the road again, with  “B-Ball with my friends…”

Enough dribbling down the court. I hope your team wins.

One response to “Friday, March 24, 2023 – Brackets and B Ball – No Place But Texas

  1. This is the weirdest March Madness EVER! No #1 seeds left. Ole Miss ladies lost. LSU won…who knows.


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