Friday, March 10, 2023 – The Invasion of the Mob and Congregation or Home on the Deranged

Friday, March 10, 2023 – The Invasion of the Mob and Congregation or Home on the Deranged

Tie me kangaroo down, Sport,

Tie me kangaroo down,

Cause if the alligator don’t eat it,

It will jump the fence,

So tie me kangaroo down.

A group of kangaroos is a called a mob. A group of people who keep kangaroos are called crazy. Really? Who, and how, does one keep a kangaroo? Better question, why? From Texas Monthly Magazine…

“A neighborhood in the North Texas town of Prosper had an unusual visitor earlier this month: a male kangaroo named Jax escaped from a nearby backyard, where he had been raised as a pet. Jax’s owner had to coax him back home with a bottle of milk. Less than a week later, another pet kangaroo named Nigel escaped his backyard home in Granbury and went on the lam for two days before hopping home. These are just the latest in a slew of kangaroo escapes across the state over the last few years, including in Mercedes, San Marcos, and Lumberton.

All of which, honestly, raises the question: You can keep a kangaroo as a pet in Texas? And how many are there, anyway?

The answer is yes and, it turns out, quite a few. Texas is one of thirteen states that allow people to own kangaroos as an exotic pet, and the species is particularly popular here, in part due to the similarities between Texas’s environment and their hot, arid Australian home.” That means when it is hotter than the hinges of Hell in Texas, the kangaroos enjoy the weather. Just because can keep a Roo, doesn’t mean you should! I suppose a group of kangaroo escapes is called a slew. And why are you surprised when one jumps the fence and goes down to the gym to box and workout?

Speaking of back yard exotic pets.

Texas Woman Raised an Alligator Pet. Texas Parks and Wildlife officials discovered a massive alligator outside a woman’s backyard Saturday. The officials said she had raised the gator from an egg she stole from the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo in New Braunfels.

7-Foot Alligator Raised as Pet by a Texas Woman for Over 20 Years

A group of alligators is called a congregation. An individual who keeps alligators is called deranged – as in Home, Home on the Deranged, where the alligators and kangaroos live.

So kangaroos in the back yard are ok, but alligators in the back yard are not, especially large ones. I did not see a name for alligator, so let’s just call it Captain Crunch. If you read the article, it costs about $150 per month to feed an alligator, including whole chickens weekly. So Alligator Mama had the old dinosaur for 20 years. Do the math!

Here is what I’m Thinking. Is this an effort to meet like-minded people? Would you like to come jump around in my back yard with my pet kangaroo? Can the Roo be trained to bring beverages on the patio? Or perhaps, you would like to see the alligator I raised from the egg that I stole? Don’t get too close.

So should you see a galloping kangaroo hopping around, you can bring it home and put it your backyard. After that, you are on your own.

Should you see a galloping alligator, RUN! Do I really need to tell you this?

So see you later alligator, after while crocodile. Don’t forget to tie your kangaroo down, Sport.

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