March 3, 2023 – Snarky Friday Returns Too!

March 3, 2023 – Snarky Friday Returns Too!

Just when you thought it was safe to get on the Internet that Al Gore invented, Snarky Friday returns to Here’s What I’m Thinking.

It is the third day of March. This day is necessary before we can March Fourth.

The NCAA women’s conference basketball tournaments are being held this weekend. The men’s conference tournaments are next week. Or as I like to refer to them  – A Parade of Tattoos and Funky Hair Dos.

The Women’s NCAA Division I Final Four Tournament is in Dallas and the men’s NCAA Division I Final Four is in Houston. Snarky Marky says –“ It is high doubtful that there will be a women’s NCAA team in Dallas this year from the state of Texas. Vic? Wasn’t this supposed to be your Year of the Horns? “I know, as usual overrated and under-performing. I wonder if TU has thought of that as a bumper sticker? Overrated and Under-performing – We’re Texas!

Since I am snarking on the burnt orange, I see where the Longhorn Network does not transfer to the SEC. It seems it is because the LHN has bad programming while the SECN has good programming. I have not heard if the SECN will allow the 2006 Rose Bowl Game to be played ad nauseum or not. I really hope this is a wise move for BEVO and the rest of TEAMS!. Did you not look at the other sports? I am certain there will be much to snark about this topic in the future. And even though Texas loses the Longhorn Network, it gained Stephen F. Austin State University in its System. That is a big PURPLE SNARK!

The last snarky goes to me. I did not intentionally do it. Heck, I did not even think of it. Thank you to Cecil G. for pointing it out. I laughed all day.

When talking about the musical Chicago in last Monday’s post, I mentioned that Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, and Queen Latifa were nominated for Academy Awards. I failed to mention that John C. Reilly, who played Amos Hart, was also nominated as Best Actor in a Supporting Role. His song in Chicago? Mr. Cellophane. I just looked through him, walked right by him and never knew he was there.

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