Friday, November 26, 2021 – Snarky Friday

Friday, November 26, 2021 – Snarky Friday

Obviously with games being played on Thursday and Friday, I am late in getting my snarks in for Saturday.

IT’S RIVALRY WEEK! This usually means the State school and the Land Grant School meet in a bitter rivalry in some strange bowl name.

For example: Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) and Mississippi State played on Thanksgiving. This game is called The Egg Bowl. It began in 1927. There was a huge fight after the Ole Miss (not to be confused the Young Miss) defeated Mississippi State, which was originally called Mississippi A&M.

Ole Miss fans rushed the field with some trying to tear the goalposts down. State fans did not take well to the Ole Miss fans destroying their property and fights broke out. Some State fans defended the goal posts with wooden chairs, and several injuries were reported. According to one account:

“Irate State supporters took after the ambitious Ole Miss group with cane bottom chairs, and fights broke out. The mayhem continued until most of the chairs were splintered.”

Wait. I got confused and thought I was writing about a Texas Tech game. Sorry.

To prevent such events in the future, students of the two schools created the “Golden Egg,” a large trophy which has been awarded to the winning team each year since 1927. The trophy is a large football-shaped brass piece mounted to a wooden base and traditionally symbolizes supremacy in college football in the state of Mississippi for the year. The footballs used in the 1920s were considerably more ovoid and blunter than those in use today and similar to the balls still used in rugby. So the trophy resembles an egg rather a football of today. The trophy more resembles an egg than a football. Personally, I attribute the odd design to the educational system in the state. Ole Miss won The Egg Bowl last night by defeating Mississippi State 31 to 21.

Kansas State at texas university.  Looks like BEVO just closed out their dismal season with a win and snapping a six game losing streak. Kansas State 17 texas university 22.

There are more games on TV this afternoon and this evening, but I do not want to waste any snark on them. On to Saturday.

Two Big Games at 11:00 and probably worth getting up for.

On FS1 we have The BUTT Bowl between Baylor University and The Beer Can Throwing Tortilla Tossing Referee Outing Neither state nor land-grant Texas Tech University. Sic ‘Em Bears but watch yourself.

Ohio State and Michigan – Another big game at 11:00 am on Fox. You can bet on ugly helmets and maybe ugly uniforms for both teams.

2:30 on CBS we have Alabama and Auburn in The Iron Bowl.

Speaking of fights… Following Reconstruction (Is Reconstruction considered Critical Race Theory?) Anyway, the Alabama  Congress fought for over four years regarding the location of the land grant school. The location was finally decided it would be in the City of Auburn.

The first Iron Bowl, so named because of the iron industry, game was played in Birmingham in 1893. Auburn won, 32-22. Because of a disagreement the two teams stopped playing after the 1907 season. They didn’t resume playing until 1948 after the Alabama Congress threatened the schools with a loss of funding. Love that Alabama Legislature.

The two teams play for the  Foy–ODK Trophy is named after James E. Foy, a former dean of students at Auburn, and Omicron Delta Kappa, an honor society on both campuses since the 1920s. It ranks up there with Phi Beta Kappa and other pseudo secret societies for really smart people. I know. I am having trouble visualizing a chapter on the Auburn campus too.

This should be a good one. In 1995 the Atlanta Braves won the World Series and Auburn won the Iron Bowl. The Atlanta Braves won the 2021 World Series. Just saying.

IT’S BEDLAM in Oklahoma! Oklahoma State (the land grant school) welcomes the state University of  Oklahoma at 6:30 on ABC. The Big 12 Title and more is on the line. Go Pokes!

At 6:00 on ESPN The land grant Fighting Texas Aggies visit the land grant Louisiana Fighting Tigers. I do not think this rivalry has a bowl name yet. May I suggest The Overtime Bowl?

The teams are playing in Death Valley, and it is the last game for Coach Orgeron. The Tigers will come out with fire in their eyes.

From the Oak Ridge Boys…

This is down in the swampland, anything goes
It’s alligator bait and the bars don’t close
It’s the real thing down in Louisiana
Did you ever see a Cajun when he really got mad
When he really got trouble like a daughter (or a team) gone bad
It gets real hot down in Louisiana
The stranger better move it or he’s gonna get killed
He’s gonna have to get it or a shotgun will
It ain’t no time for lengthy speeches
There ain’t no time for lengthy speeches.

I hope the Aggies do not become alligator bait. And I hope the Aggies can leave Louisiana in the broad day light.


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