Monday, November 22, 2021 – My Monday After College Football Awards

Monday, November 22, 2021 – My Monday After College Football Awards

It is difficult to put together an awards post today since I did not watch any day football games. Nevertheless here are my awards for Week 12.

Hair Dryer Awards for Blow Outs go to:

  • Texas A&M 52 Prairie View A&M 3
  • Georgia 55 Charleston South 7
  • Mississippi State 55 Tennessee State 10
  • Kentucky 56 New Mexico State 16
  • Ohio State 56 Michigan State 7
  • ND 55 Georgia Tech 0

The You Lost to Who Award? goes to

  • Florida 23 Missouri 24 – And we send the U-Haul Truck to Coach Dan Mullens
  • South Carolina 21 Auburn 17 – The Second Half Fall Apart Award goes to Auburn
  • Oregon 7 Utah 38 – The Ducks could not handle the Utes.
  • Texas 23 West Virginia 31 – Oh texas! I cannot even give you a capital T. You also receive The No Bowl Award for 2021.

These were the only games I actually saw.

Arkansas 35 Alabama 42 – I must give the Hogs The Jolly Good Try for actually giving Bama all they good handle. Alabama? I am giving you the Salsa Award because you are going to have to pick up the Pace.

Oklahoma State 23 Texas Tech 0 – In the typical Tech fashion, the entire team, fans, and anybody else wearing black and red receive the ZERO Award for being total zeros regarding sportsmanship. Last week the Tech announcers were put on hold for not only criticizing the refereeing group on air, but then giving out their names on air.

This week you cause a delay of the game not once, but twice for throwing tortillas and beer cans onto the field. You receive the NO Respect Award because you do not even respect your home field. No wonder every team hates to go to Lubbock.

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